O9. Insects World : Migration

Insects migrate across great distances in search of suitable living and breeding conditions. They often migrate when the weather gets colder or hotter or when food becomes scarce.

Migrating insects may land in certain places and lay a large number of eggs before moving on.

Insects migrate in two ways, which are known as homeostatic and dynamic migration.

Homeostatic migration is when insects pass through a defined path and also return the same way. In dynamic migration, insects depend upon the wind or tides to decide their path of movement.

Monarch butterflies are known to migrate across continents. These butterflies can cover a distance of more than 3000 km.

Butterflies may travel in huge groups of millions of butterflies. Most of the older butterflies cannot withstand the journey and die on the way.

Pilots have spotted migrating butterflies at an altitude of 1200 m.

Locusts migrate across farmlands in large swarms in search of greener pastures.

Army ants do not build permanent nests because they constantly migrate in search of food.

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