O4. Insects World : Insects And People

Insects were always of great importance to human civilizations. People rear insects such as silkworms and honeybees to obtain important materials from them, such as silk, honey and wax.

Archaeologists have discovered prehistoric cave paintings that show scenes of honey collection and the extraction of honey from beehives.

Japanese Samurai warriors painted intricate butterfly patterns on weapons and flags to symbolize nobility.

Cicadas and crickets have been captured and reared by humans for the beautiful sound they can produce. The ancient Chinese regarded cicadas as a symbol of immortality and rebirth.

Many insects, such as mosquitoes, lice and bedbugs, feed on human blood.

Some people eat insects, such as termites, cicadas, leafcutter ant and water bugs, and consider them to be delicacies.

Deadly diseases such as the bubonic plague were transmitted to humans by insects such as fleas, and caused millions of deaths.

Doctors used to insert maggots in wounds to eat dead flesh and disinfect the wounds by killing bacteria.

Some insects are pests and can cause serious damage by destroying crops and fields. However, many insects feed on agricultural pests and help farmers.

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