O2. Insects World : Insect Fact File

There are between one and eight million species of insects, compared to just one human species.

Insects are successful survivors for different reasons, such as their powerful exoskeletons, their ability to fly and their minute size.

Some insects can fly for long distances. Certain butterflies migrate thousands of kilometres to avoid bad weather.

Cockroaches have been living on Earth for around 300 million years. Todays cockroaches look very similar to those living hundreds of millions of years ago.

Insects serve as the largest source of food for other animals.

Fairyflies are the smallest insects in the world. They are only 0.2 mm — that is the size of a full stop.

People have domesticated silkworms for so long that theseinsects do not exist in the wild anymore.

Insects are cold-blooded animals, so their growth and development depends upon how hot or cold the weather is.

Scientists have developed ‘insect robots’ that copy the agility of real insects. These robots are used to explore dangerous areas, such as minefields and the surface of other planets. Robots are not nearly as agile as real insects, but mimic the way they move.

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