The Balinese Are Keen Horticulturists As Well As Rice Farmers

The Balinese are keen horticulturists as well as rice farmers, In addition to growing a variety of fruit and vegetables, they are also fond of colourful flowering plants and shrubs which enhance the beauty of their homes and villages. In this last respect, they have been assisted by the government’s tamanisasi policy which is aimed at turning Bali into a garden isle. This has been implemented on a communal basis with coordinated planting schemes outside people’s homes and by the side of the road. In terms of variety, relatively few plant species are found in such settings compared to the profusion of species occurring in the wild. Furthermore, many of these ornamental plant species are ‘exotics’, introduced to the island from elsewhere for their decorative or shade creating qualities, Exotic tree species include the magnificent rain tree (Albiziasaman) from tropical America and the flamboyant or flame tree (Delonixregia) from Madagascar. The former gets its name from the fact that with the approach of rain, it collapses its leaves, there- by ensuring that maximum rainfall reaches its root system.

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