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Mini Monsters ( part 4 )

The strangest and scariest monsters are not always the biggest. Mini Monsters profiles nature’ s tiniest terrors, drawn from regions and habitats as diverse as the rainforests of South America, the deep oceans, and urban homes and gardens. From venomous spiders and scorpions to bloodthirsty leeches and hungry piranhas, the natural worlds smallest creatures are also among the most bizarre and wonderful.

Mini Monsters is divided into eight sections covering lizards, snakes, amphibians, spiders, sea creatures, crustaceans and molluscs, bugs and beetles, and other insects. The huge range of animals covered provides a sense of the incredible diversity of living creatures. Each creature ls illustrated with beautifully detailed, full-color artwork.For easy reference, each entry includes a table of key information such as scientific name. features, habitats, distribution, diet, and breeding.

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