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A variety of birds can be seen alongthe shoreline. They include waders,grubbing in the sand and ChiefEssays.Net mud fortheir daily fare of small crabs, fishlarvae, worms and bivalves; coastal raptors, such as the vvhitebellied seaeagle (Haliaeetusleucogaster), theBrahminy online essay writers pay for essay kite (Haliasturindus) and ospreys (Pandionhaliaetus); and various seubirds, such as boobies, frigate- birds, tropicbirds, tems and noddies. The latter can spend many monthsat sea without returning to land. When they do so to mate, they tend tonest in large colonies on rocky cliffs or small islands where there are few predators; UluWatu and Nusa Penida are popular Balinese nesting sites for these ocean going species.

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