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Friday, 7 February 2014

Yayasan GUS has a commitment to promote the use of natural and non toxic pest control. The benefit of using non toxic pest control is because it is effective for a long time use and it is safe not only for us, but also for our environment. We use neem oil and citronella for non toxic pest control

1. Neem Oil

The oil is extracted from Neem or widely known in Indonesia as intaran (Azadimchta indica), a tropical evergreen related to mahogany, meliaceae family. Neem tree is widely used in industry, agriculture and health-related fields. The oil is a natural, effective pesticide and pest control, simply because of its active compounds (limonoids) :

Azadirachtin : is the major compound, mostly found in the tree’s seed. It is very effective to control the insects, causing infertility and taking away the insects’ appetite and leave them starving to death. The compound doesn’t kill the insects directly, but more in distracting the insects’ growth.

Salanin and Melianiriol : it takes away the insects appetite and also used as insects repellent.

Nimbin & Nimbidin are antipyretic compounds, the function is to stop virus’ activities in the plant or the ones that are carried by the insects.

-Other substances are calcium, phosphor, iron, thiamine riboflavin, nicocin, vitamin C, carotene, oxalic acid, anti-septic, antifungal, anti viral, and inflammatory, aspirin (prostaglandin).

2. Citronclla

Citronclla is the main compound, and it is a contact poison. As a contact poison, this compound might cause the death of the insects from lacking of their body’s liquid. Citronclla is insects repellent, could be found in one of these plants 1

Geranium : usually we plant them in our garden. The citronella compound mostly found in the leaves. When the wind blows the leaves, we

could smell a nice scent that coincs from the citronella.

· Citronclla grass (Serai Wangi) ; it is also effectively used as mosquitoes repellent, because it contains these next compounds : geraniol, metilheptenon, terpens, terpen alcohol, organic acids and citronella.


GUS Pest Control uses natural materials to eradicate pests which have proven quite effective, it doesn’t kill them directly, but rather effects their system of reproduction, rendering them infertile. The materials also have the effect of taking away the appetites, leave the bad insects starving to death. This natural and non toxic pest control is very effective in the long term in controlling mosquito wrigglers, ants, termites, caterpillars, moths, beetles, grasshoppers and other trouble-making insects.

Spraying with chemical pesticide nearly always leaves a number of pests behind, which somehow manage to survive. The reproduction of these remaining organisms will result on offspring that are resistant to certain chemical pesticides. For pest control pre-treatment we usually visit the locations to survey the outdoor and indoor areas, It is free. Using natural and non toxic materials is also a way to preserve our beautiful environment.

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